How technology can change the world



It’s clear to see that technology is already changing every aspect of our daily life, from eating to transport to entertainment. Technology can be very powerful in the right hands, and has the potential to improve the quality of life for billions of people around the world.

Technology has already improved the lives of millions of farmers, particularly across the developing world. Special plant varieties have been created, making them immune to disease, and allowing farmers to hugely increase their yield. This means that technology has already prevented millions of people from starving, and there is potential to advance this even more.

Tech can also change the way we work. People who struggle to find a job with hours to suit them may be able to work remotely from home, meaning they can fit in study, childcare and more. Thanks to the new technology available, workers can still ‘attend’ meetings via video calls, and share files at the touch of a button with their colleagues. This may even eventually reduce the need for a permanent office, which in turn will reduce traffic problems and congestion.

Travel has also been transformed by technology. We are now closer than ever to a world filled with self-driving cars and trucks. This can reduce the need for truckers to work long hours without rest, and could eventually lead to the cost of goods coming down. Ultra high-speed rail networks also ensure we are more connected than ever, saving valuable time.

Children and technology are very capable and sometimes they can play with most tech gadgets better than some adults.

Technology also has the power to transform homes. In the not-too-distant future, it’s highly likely that most of our homes will become ‘smart’, meaning you can control everything in the home via your smartphone. This has enormous potential to save money on bills, and ensure the home is correctly maintained even when travelling abroad, as you can monitor the temperature of your home and adjust it accordingly.

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