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Radar Vs. Sonar

Radar Detector

Both Radar and Sonar help people detect things. These technologies help identify the location of objects which are far away and cannot be observed through conventional means. RADAR means (Radio Detection And Ranging) and SONAR means (Sound Navigation And Randing).

Both systems use reflection of the original signal to detect the object they are monitoring.

Since both use different waves to detect objects the systems are different and have their own restrictions placed on them. Radar was developed continuously by scientists who used radio signals to monitor objects at a distance and was developed primarily for military use.

Sonar, however, is a method used by nocturnal animals like bats to help them navigate. Sonar technology has been in use longer and was even used in World War 1 to help locate submarines and mines which were placed in the sea.

The best radar detectors

A significant development around radar has been the radar detector which helps users identify potential radar devices and avoid them. The most common use for these detectors is in avoiding speeding tickets.

We give you a list of the top three detectors and a review of top radar detectors

  • Escort Max 360
  • Escort Passport Max2
  • Escort Passport 9500ix

All three detectors are at a good price point and they are sensitive detectors that use smart technology to get you the best possible benefit from these signals. They cover all radar bands (Ka, K and X). The Escort Max 360 also detects laser .

The directional feature on all three detectors, as well as the speed notifications and a database of speed traps ensure that the Escort products remain at the top of the market survey of this niche of products.

The three detectors also come with the ever useful false signal filter. This way a driver isn’t stopped multiple times on a signal that does not come from a police scanner.