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Are You Buying A New Car Amplifier?

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A great music system is a must have in your car. The amplifier is one of the most critical parts of any music system. Your car music system would be no exception to this. Most of the music systems come with inbuilt amps. But have you witnessed a deterioration in sound quality and the occurrence of distortion? This might mostly happen at higher volume levels. This is mainly because the in-built amps are not always the best. Here are some aspects to keep in mind when you buy a car amplifier to make things better:

  1. of channels

One main criterion that varies in the configuration of the amplifiers is the number of channels. This is the number that tells you the number of speakers that can be efficiently supported by the amplifier. A single channel allotted for each of the speakers would give the typical immersive sound effect that you desire. For simply adding a subwoofer to your music system you could choose a normal single channel amplifier.

  1. Compatibility with the existing system

Car audio systems are often not as flexible as home audio systems. The wiring limitations, the installation restrictions, the positioning and lot of other factors would have to be taken into account as well. The main music unit that is present in your car should ideally support preamp outputs. This would allow you to connect a line level input to an amplifier.

  1. Power of the amplifier

Power levels of the amplifiers vary. This would determine the pricing as well. Only when you compare the amps of different power levels side by side would you be able to understand the difference. And this difference is huge. Especially when you have a great music system you would definitely not want a low power amp to spoil the effect.