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Factors to Consider When Buying Cheap Gaming Laptops

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When it comes to gaming, desktops are the best in terms of speed and configurability, compared to the laptops. But there are special laptops in the market that are quite powerful and manufactured specifically to make the gaming experience more fun. But as these laptops have high-end components in it that have the capability, these laptops come with a high price tag. The most advanced gaming laptops cost somewhere between $1700 to $5000 based on the upgrades. But as technology advances, there are also some laptops available in the market to suit the gamers needs. Before selecting cheap gaming laptops below $1000, it is better to compare and contrast the specifications and price of the laptops.

High-End Components

Gaming laptops, with the high-end components are usually large and weigh around 7 to 8 pounds. They are big, have high-resolution displays, have a full-size keyboard and comes with numerous types of audio and video ports. One could also find media supports, tuners, media-control buttons and Blu-ray drives.


Gaming laptops is all about the speed. It should essentially have the fastest components to handle the speed. A good laptop will do well with the Intel Core-2 Duo Processor and for more speed/power, a Core 2 Quad or Core 2 Extreme will be the best option. These chips offer an increased performance. But an important point to be noted is that these tend to drain the battery power faster than the other processors available and also make the laptops hotter.

Other Factors

Integrated graphics are not suited for the gaming laptops. They would require mobile graphics processors with 512MB of memory that are dedicated. The components can also be doubled up to double up the performance. For example, gaming laptops might have two optical drives and dual RAID-array hard drives. Also, a 4GB RAM is more suited for gaming purpose against the 2GB which is a minimum requirement.

Compare all these factors before buying a cheap laptop and check whether it suits your gaming needs.