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Should Kids Be Exposed to TV at Young Age?

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Most child experts are of the opinion that it is better to hold off as long as possible from exposing your children to TV. The common line of thought now is to limit screen time to an hour or less than an hour in a day. This is good for the development of the brain functions in small children.

However, the demands of modern living require many of us travel long distances and keeping children busy during a long road trip is one way of ensuring a smooth and happy travel time. DVD players are a great option to keep small children occupied and enjoying in a long road trip. If you need a portable dvd player for children go here. There are many advantages to having a portable DVD player in your car.

Here are a few simple, basic hacks that you can follow to ensure that you put your DVD player to its optimum use and enjoy your road trip to the maximum.

  • The way you can ensure that your potable DVD player for the car is up and running, is to ensure long running life of the batteries. Always keep a supply of good-quality, fully charged rechargeable on hand.
  • Make optimum use of the best features of your DVD player and try to get some of your kid’s favourite videogames onto the system. You can even strap the DVD player onto the back of the driver’s seat in front of the backseat with the help of a bungee cord or a pair of Kwik twists to give a built-in dvd system-like feeling.
  • Just make sure that you tuck the ends between the seat and the head rest for a compact fit. The player can then be easily operated with the help of a remote.
  • In case you are using your iPad or tablet, you can make your own iPad holder, or simply put the gadget in a ziplock bag and attach it to car seat with the help of DIY cords and twist wires.

You don’t really have to spend excessively on in-built dvd systems. Few, simple hacks like these go a long way in staving off tantrums on road trips. However, these are meant only for road trips and at home do make it a point to keep your kids away from media.