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Why Do You Get Bombarded With Internet Ads?

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Every time you are on a website, you see ads popping up. These ads are getting more obnoxious. These pop-up ads tend to intervene us at every step of browsing. When you are reading a news article or some important article, ads keep popping up and difficult to get past them without clicking on these ads accidentally. Some video ads have the auto play and this could get embarrassing while you are in a public area.

The mode of advertising hated by most people are the pop-up ads, rated with 73% dislike. Second to follow are the mobile ads with 70% dislike rating. Third comes the video ads that get played before a YouTube video with 57% dislike rating.

These days internet marketing has risen to a higher level because of the ad tracking feature and analysis. This has taken online marketing to a bigger dimension. Ad tracking is a way a company is tracking your activity on the internet and compiling a database out of it. They take information from the cookies on your device to get data from browse history or search history. They make a meaningful analysis of this data and provide us with ads that are relevant to us based on our recent searches. They can also link the cookies from different devices and sync them up. Even without your knowledge, they identify different gadgets possessed by the same user. How creepy could that be? They also try to identify devices that get connected from the same network always to associate your devices.

Being bombarded with internet ads, more number of people have started downloading ad blockers to have an uninterrupted experience of browsing.

Safeguarding your privacy can be the best option. I would recommend this online privacy company because they detect and block tracking and protects your data.